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Licensing and Franchising
Wholesale and Corporate Offers
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Wholesale and Corporate Offers
Our vision is to expand our stores network globally. Licensing & Franchising will enable us to effectively distribute our products to strategic customer bases abroad. Our licensees/franchisees will have exclusive rights to use our trademark in merchandising in their territory. They will benefit from exclusive source of luxury english fashion, local online store, e-business support infrastructure, standardized operating systems and procedures, marketing and advertising support system. For more information, contact: shop@novesa.com.
We offer wholesale to customers who wish to establish independent operations in their countries.
We offer corporate deals to corporate entities such as businesses, organizations, schools, clubs and other associations to buy products at wholesale. Employees and members can use PROMO CODES to shop online and in-store in order to benefit from bulk pricing. Please contact us at shop@novesa.com for more information on setting up corporate discount for your organization.