Our Top Holiday Picks

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Flashy Socks

An easy way to add a splash of colour and a bit of personality to any outfit

Flash Socks

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The Classic Tie

For those that prefer a more subtle, polished look – a classic solid colour tie is never a miss

Solid Colour Tie

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The Black French Oxford

An easy way to make any outfit look more refined, and easily dressed up with any tie

Black Oxford

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The Black Floral Shirt

This shirt can be worn 3 different ways with the detachable frill and bow. The floral contrasting collar and cuff add a pop of colour.

Black Floral Dress Shirt

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Lapel Pin

These are easily added to a jacket or blazer and instantly add some character

Lapel Pins

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Bow Tie

For those looking to be a bit more dapper, the bow tie is always a good look

Bow Tie

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Floral Tie

A crowd favourite, the floral pattern is sure to be complimented

Red Floral Tie

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White Azure Shirt

This shirt is a statement piece – refined, elegant, and versatile

White Azure Shirt

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Our White and Navy Dress Shirt

This shirt is a year round must, at home in the office, a night out, or an vacation. Wear it with the bow, or use the bow as a belt wrap for a matching piece.

White and Navy Shirt

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Black Azure Stripe Shirt

White Azure Stripes

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